To my best friend on our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife.

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Dear husband,

Our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife is upon us. You’re working, like the amazing provider you are. I’m home with our sweet and wild toddler. We won’t see each other for a few hours still, but I’ve been thinking about you all day.

Being newly married doesn’t necessarily change the feelings of Valentine’s Day, I loved you last year and I’ll love you the next. But what it does do, is make me very reminiscent of our time together so far. It leaves me feeling so incredibly content with where my life is.

Do I wish we were living in our own home already? Yes. Am I still trying to come to terms with the fact that I thought I’d have at least one more baby by now? Constantly. Is it a little daunting to know theres only just enough money at the end of the month? Kind of.

But none of that matters today.

Because today I realize that I am content. I’m happy with our beautifully mediocre life in our tiny rental. I’m completely in love with our one perfect baby. And just enough is so much better than none.

“I realize that I love you so much more than I did a few years ago, and it makes me smile… because I can only imagine how much more I’ll love you a few down the road.”

It makes me so thankful that every decision I made, even the real iffy ones, led me to you. To my hard working, steady, strong, and amazingly kind husband.

In 4 days it will be an entire half of a year since saying “I Do”. But for some reason, saying “my husband” out loud still gives me that buzz in my belly and puts a smirk on my face. It feels so foreign but so very familiar at the same time, like you were meant to be the man behind those two words.

Valentine’s Day makes me miss our carefree days. Our days of long drives just because, and day drinking because why not, and actually making it through a movie without falling asleep.

And yet, at the same time that my heart aches just a little for those days, it literally beats for the ones we are in right now.

The ones where we wrangle tiny feet into tiny little shoes, and clean up the same toys 20 times a day, and give a thousand goodnight kisses.

These are by far our best days yet, hubby.

The rest will come. The house, and the babies, and the savings account that actually has money in it. We will get there.

For now, let’s just enjoy the fact that we are building a life we can be proud of. That we are such a good team, at parenting, at adulting, and at life. And that we never have to worry, because we always have a Valentine.

So I just wanted to tell you, on our first Valentine’s Day, that I’m proud of where we are. That I’m thankful for everything you do, everything you are, and everything you aren’t. And that I could not be happier to have a lifelong Valentine like you<3


Your Beautifully Mediocre Wife

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