My Side Hustle

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Being a stay at home mom and budgeting life for a family of 3 on one income can be challenging. We are so blessed and so grateful that my husband makes just enough to make this possible. But a little more than just enough is always the goal right?

In order to pull my weight financially I work several “jobs” from the comfort of my home, while I get watch my son grow up<3

Blogging, childcare, and Direct Sales.

Yep, you heard me right, direct sales. MLM. I can already feel the haters glaring at me through their screens… but hear me out.

Why not?

I recently became a consultant with a brand new cosmetics company called VIC Cosmetics. Their focus is on creating high quality products without the luxury price tag. Products regular people can afford. Completely vegan, as well as gluten, paraben, and formaldehyde free. Made in the USA at a factory that is actually owned by VIC themselves.

Completely free to join, which means I invested none of our hard earned money, and they’re are no hidden fees. No inventory to carry, which means I don’t have to worry about making it to the post office to ship anything, the company does it all for me:) No quotas to meet each month, so no need to hound your friends or blow up there private messages or newsfeeds with a sales pitch:)

Just another way to make some extra cash and meet some amazing people.

As a stay at home mama, adult interactions are often lacking, and working with my team gives me a chance to actually talk to people who aren’t going to ask me to wipe their butt;)

I am not a sales person nor a makeup artist. I hate spammy people in my inbox just as much as the next person and I can’t do a smokey eye. But I like good makeup and good skin care that makes it easy for me to get ready quick and feel good about myself. And if sharing the products I love with friends and family can make me a little extra cash… then why not?

Please feel free to message me if you’re looking for an opportunity:)

Shop with me or join me!


The Beautifully Mediocre Mama

Sharing is caring!