Furry Family Members

Meet our furry family<3

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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”                                   -Anatole France

We couldn’t live without our furry four-legged family members, and although they each deserve their own post at some point in the future, here is a quick look at our little pack:)

Jasper Cat

Bubba, Studly, Bubba Do. 

The oldest of my four fur babies at almost 11 years young. This guy came to me as just a little gray and white kitten, and was supposed to be a temporary visitor. 10.5 years later I’m so glad he never came back to claim him<3 Jasper Cat is by far the biggest softy of the bunch, a little feminine in his ways, but we love him just the same. He is probably the most skeptical of the crew, and if you can gain his trust, you’re welcome in my home anytime. Lover of treats of any kind, sleeping on your chest, and reminding you his bowl is empty at 5am <3


Zetti Bug, Peanut, ZetZet, Zetkins, Tiny Cat. 

The tiniest member of our family, tipping the scale at barely 5 pounds, but by far the most fierce. She is the ying to Jaspers yang, for all of his scaredy cat ways, Zetti brings an equal amount of badassness. A little goofy at times, and I’m pretty sure in touch with the spirit world, shes a teeny tiny ball of quirkiness. Just a few months younger than Jasper, Zetti is going on 11 years old. Lover of taking long naps on her cat tree, stealing french fries, and being pet, as long as you don’t try to hold her <3

Jasper Dog

Bubba, Bub, Jaspy. 

The biggest teddy bear you’ll ever get the pleasure of loving, weighing in at a mere 110 pounds<3 At almost 7 years old, Jasper is the definition of a loyal and loving companion, wanting nothing more than to be your best friend when you’re down. Terrified of the vacuum, Zetti, being stepped on, and water, I don’t think he realizes hes a giant:) Loves: ice cream more than anyone I’ve ever met, wrapping himself up in blankets like a burrito, and being spoke to in baby talk<3


Nov, Crazy, Super Nova.

Oh Nova, where do I begin… Nova takes the title of loudest, most high strung, most neurotic, and most energetic by far. She keeps us on our toes and is constantly finding new ways to give me gray hair, like chewing open a jug of antifreeze and eating entire packs of gum containing xylitol… But character flaws and imperfections aside, Nova also takes the title of best babysitter, she puts up with and plays with our toddler like a champ. Nova is 0-100 in seconds and does everything at 110%. Shes got the deepest love for sticks, playing fetch that I’ve ever seen in a dog. She also enjoys eating cat food, barking at everything, and snuggling way to hard<3

Sharing is caring!

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