I will be your tribe.

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If you’re lucky enough to have already found your tribe, the ones who love your kids like their own, who are always ready with coffee… or vodka depending on the day, and whose hearts are open without judgement, then you are so lucky.

If, however, you find yourself without your village, please know that my door is always open.

When you get that first positive pregnancy test, and even though you were kind of trying, you’re still freaking out a little… call me, we will kind of freak out together.

I will be your tribe.

When you realize you live hundreds of miles from your hometown and have to be pregnant without your mom around… call me, we can go visit mine, shes pretty great:)

I will be your tribe.

When your due date is two days away and you’re at the mall trying to walk that baby out, and an ignorant old lady walks up and tells you “I sure hope you’re putting cocoa butter on that thing” in reference to your giant belly… and you don’t know whether to strangle her or just to cry about it… call me. We will talk shit about her all afternoon.

I will be your tribe.

When you’re in those first few weeks of mothering that newborn and wondering what in the hell they were thinking sending you home in charge of this tiny little thing, shoot me an SOS text. I’ll come over with iced coffee for the both us and do your dishes.

I will be your tribe.

When your toddler is being an asshole and you’re thinking of selling him on Etsy, bring him over to my house, we can sit and talk about what assholes toddlers can be, while they destroy my house instead of yours.

Every chapter of motherhood has its own challenges, and they aren’t kidding when they say it takes a village to navigate them. If you’re in my village, I appreciate you more than I can say. If you’re still looking for yours, welcome. I’ve got a steady supply of coffee and at least a few bottles of booze.

I will be your tribe<3


The Beautifully Mediocre Mama

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  • Chris

    This is great! For anyone who doesn’t know Malorey like I do, she will be your tribe ❤. This is beautifully written from the heart. I look forward to the next update!

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