Happy birthday Hubby<3 My thoughts about continuing to grow as a couple.

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If you know us well, you know I am actually older than Nick, and even though the age gap is only 10 months, I never let him forget it;) I take every opportunity I can to remind him, I was an 80s baby, while he is just a youngster born in the 90s.

Teeny tiny baby Nick.

As we get older, birthdays become less and less about gifts and celebration, and more and more about reflection. About pondering how in the world we are actually this old. Having kids definitely intensifies that feeling of moving in fast forward, but it’s there regardless.

As we celebrated hubby’s 29th birthday I was hit with a huge wave of “holy cow is time sure flying”. Like how in the hell is this the 5th birthday I will celebrate with him, when it feels like we are still learning and growing so much as a couple?

Which got me thinking, I hope I always feel that way. I hope I never feel so content with our relationship status that I stop wanting to learn new things about Nick. And I hope there is always more to learn.

That’s such an integral part of a partnership, growing and learning… and then growing and then relearning.

The person I celebrated yesterday, is not the same person we celebrated 5 years ago… and we definitely didn’t celebrate in the same fashion. We are much more tame these days, kids have a way of doing that<3 But it got me thinking, that I’m grateful Nick is not who he was. Not because I didn’t love that person, because I did (although I didn’t know it yet), but simply because, how boring would that be? I’m glad he has grown because it gave me new bits and pieces of his personality to learn and to love.

And my favorite thing I’ve learned so far? He’s a great dad.

Birthdays are always fun, but celebrating them with a toddler, takes the cake. It is so rewarding to watch this tiny life you are molding, really grasp on to the idea of celebrating someone else. He was so excited to help make daddy a birthday cake, and I was even able to shove my OCD aside and really let him actually help. We had a blast.

And surprisingly the cake didn’t turn out half bad!

Daddy got presents from his human son as well as his 4 legged one <3

The older you get, and the more respect and love you gain for someone, the further you will go to see them happy. This apparently includes spending the entirety of your afternoon making “fancy ramen”, as Nick calls it. Living in that tiny little town I talk about, the food options are pretty nonexistent. And I can assure you, they definitely do not include an authentic ramen shop. So thank goodness for google and my extensive background in binge watching the Food Network and cooking channel.

“fancy ramen”

And if there is one more thing I have learned about Nick so far, but that still continues to amaze me, it is that he is unapologetically appreciative. He is never afraid to be grateful and to let you know just how grateful he is. He was so thankful for that damn bowl of broth and noodles, that it made the hours of perfecting it more than worth it.

We spent our evening gorging ourselves on cake and girl scout cookies, having squirt gun fights in the bathtub, and watching Monster Trucks for the 735th time. And it was a perfect birthday.

Since focusing on his birthday has come and gone, the tables have turned and I can’t help but be reminded, that in just 2 short months, I will be 30. As I approach 30, with my youngster of a husband standing by my side, I can’t help but be grateful myself. Grateful for a man that keeps me guessing and keeps me laughing. A man who is not afraid to evolve and change for the better. To learn new things, pick up new hobbies, and never cease to give me plenty of new quirks to learn and to love.

So, happy birthday, Hubby <3 May we always be growing, as individuals and as husband and wife. May we always be grateful for the new things we learn, and may there always be things still left to discover.


Your Beautifully Mediocre Wife

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