An update on our beautifully mediocre life.

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Hello to all of our Beautifully Mediocre friends and followers!

I have been slacking, and for that I’m sorry. My mind has been elsewhere and blogging just hasn’t quite fit into our schedule lately. I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

I have been so busy house hunting, spring cleaning, bachelorette party planning, and dog poop scooping… so much dog poop… yay springtime! And to top it all off, Everest has had a fever for 2 days now and just wants all the mommy snuggles, which I am totally ok with.

Poor sick little babe:(

But with sick babes, comes minimal sleep. And with minimal sleep, comes a whole schedule thrown outta whack. So I’m sorry for being MIA!

Just been drinking my weight in coffee and worrying myself to insomnia.

**Update… Everest and Nick both tested positive for Influenza A. Thank goodness mom has an iron immune system or the house would implode. #allthecoffeeisnotenough

Time to sit down with that planner I love so much and get back on track. If you haven’t gotten yourself one yet, you should. It’s a game changer.

Why You Should Get Yourself A Planner.

But anyways, back to what we’ve been up to! Besides sanitizing and then resanitizing…

Those of you close to us know, we are in the middle of trying to get approved for a mortgage.

And everything has been going at hyperspeed.

Nine days ago it was just an idea, just a hope. Just over a week ago, Nick went to our local bank for something work related and decided, on a whim, to sit down with a banker and ask about a mortgage. And to our immense surprise, they actually sounded hopeful. They are the first bank, of the many I’ve talked to, that said they would even look at us.

Just around the time Everest was born, Nick claimed bankruptcy on all of his medical debt… yay asthma! Which just incase you didn’t know, makes it uber difficult to get a conventional mortgage. Even with a good credit score and a pretty great debt to income ratio, no one would really give us the time of day. We had kind of come to terms with the fact that we would be renting for one more year. Which was not ideal, but I figured it would happen when it was supposed to happen.

Now somehow, in just over a week, we have applied for a mortgage, got preapproved, house shopped, put in an offer on one of the only properties in our budget, had that offer accepted, and are looking at inspectors! Like how is this moving so fast?!

Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork!

Talk about pushing my anxiety through the roof!

There have been lots of meetings and viewings and late night conversations, and I haven’t really had time to wrap my head around it all, let alone sit down to write meaningful blogs! And I don’t ever want to post something just to post something, ya know?

So I figured I would just give you guys a quick update, so you don’t think I’ve disappeared!

We are waiting on our official approval, which will be here Wednesday. And even though our bank has been amazing and has told us we should be just fine, I’m not letting myself get too excited. On the very small chance they don’t approve us for the house we want, I don’t want to be heartbroken. But I have a feeling I already will be.

As it turns out, houses ain’t cheap. Who woulda thought hey? So my dear sweet, hard working husband, bless his heart, is working on picking up as much overtime as possible. I’ve decided to start babysitting again to help supplement his income. It’s something I enjoy and it’s great for Everest to socialize with people other than me.

As far as the blog goes, hopefully look forward to following us on this journey as first time homeowners! I can’t wait to DIY the crap out of this house if we get it, and to share all of it with you! All advice welcome!

If we do jump in and land ourselves the title of homeowners, I’m thinking of documenting our renovation journey with a YouTube channel… What do you guys think? Is that crazy? I figure even if it’s a complete flop, it could be fun right?

I am also working on getting the second half of our journey through miscarriage published for you guys, I’ve had several questions about it. It’s just not writing itself as easily as the first half did, it’s hard to know what is too much info and what is not enough, ya know? But keep an eye out for that! And if you haven’t checked it out I’ll link the first half below. Just incase we have some new readers who may be looking for some comfort in a similar situation.

My Blighted Ovum Miscarriage.

More recipes also coming your way soon! I’ve got a few that my toddler even devoured;)

So guys, that’s where we’re at… Stuck in a little bit of a limbo for a few days while we wait for the bank, trying to nurse the house back to health, and attempting to clean up the dog poop puddle that is our backyard as all this snow melts.

If you could send all the good vibes our way, we would appreciate it:)

Thank you for all of your support<3 Subscribe to stick with us through this chapter of our big little life. I promise, we won’t spam you.


This Little, Beautifully Mediocre Family

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  • Winnie E Thurston

    I love you so much and I really enjoy reading about your beautiful life with my grandson and great-grandson. The perfect house is out there for you guys, it just hasn’t been listed yet. Enjoy the experience of looking for that amazing home for your family and room for the furbabies.

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