About Me

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Born and raised in a small town in Michigans gorgeous Upper Peninsula. Where we had one blinking yellow light, one fast food restaurant, and enough beautiful scenery to make you forget all that.

It took me 6 years to get my 4 year college degree, after changing my mind a time or two. In 2013 I graduated with honors and a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology.

After the very serious relationship I had been in all through my 6 years of college came to an end, I went on a bit of a wild streak…

**Insert future hubby, Nick.

Although definitely not love at first sight, friendship came easily for us. Is contentment at first sight a thing?

Fast forward a year, I decided to pack my bags and leave the place I had called home for the last decade, to follow him to the city. Hundreds of miles from anyone I knew but ready to get my internship and start my career…

**Insert baby

That career I spoke of got put on the back burner and in August of 2016 we welcomed our first baby, a bouncing 9 pound bundle of joy we call Everest. He is everything sweet, and kind, and crazy in this world.

We’ve got two giant dogs, Jasper and Nova, and two kitty cats, Jasper and Zetti… that’s a story for a different day.

Having a kid really puts things in perspective, so after 2 years in the city and one year stuck in limbo, we are back in that tiny hometown of mine. Hubby got the dream job, we are going house shopping in the spring, and just trying to raise our little family the way that feels right. Hopefully in the country, with lots of land, and lots of chickens;)Β 

I started blogging as a way to let my creative juices flow and a way to keep my head above water in this journey of parenting. So bring the coffee, or vodka, its five o’clock somewhere, and I’ll bring the reading material. Hopefully you find something you like and decide to stick around. We would love to have you:)

Photo Credit: Kristen Elizabeth Photography

Sharing is caring!