5 items that made the cut from baby to big boy.

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There is a long list of things I would deem actual necessities when you’ve got a new baby. There is also a long list of things I would say hell no to wasting my money on the next time around. And then there are the things that are really a more bang for your buck kind of investment. Money well spent. 

These are the things that you find yourself using through several stages of your kids lives. The things you got way back when walking through Babies-R-Us was difficult with that big belly hanging around and that have managed to make the cut into toddlerhood. 

With our sweet Everest somehow officially a two and a half year old, I decided to make a quick list of the top 5 “baby items” that made the cut from infant to big boy.

1. Angelcare Movement Baby Monitor

Hands down one of the best products for piece of mind as a new mama. I was super lucky to find an Angelcare Monitor on clearance at my local Walmart when I was pregnant, and have been nothing but happy with it since the day we brought him home. It not only allows you to hear your baby when they cry, but also monitors their room temperature, and most importantly, their movement!! If your baby doesn’t take a breath for 20 seconds or so, it alerts you. Now obviously once they start rolling and standing, you start getting alarms left and right. But that’s what’s so great, just unplug the motion detector, and voila! You’ve got a regular sound monitor for into the toddler years!

I also found out that they make a super fancy video monitor version now as well! I’ll link it here incase you want one more added piece of mind:)

Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor with Touchscreen Display

2. Backpack Diaper Bag


I think the backpack diaper bag is just genius. When Nick first suggested it, I was iffy… but after Everest was actually here, I had never been so happy I let him win this one. SO EASY! Ain’t no one got time to have a diaper bag slipping of your shoulder when your hands are full. Now, I didn’t link the exact one I have because after using it for over two years there are a few things about ours I would change. I always wish ours opened wider, had a zipper that allowed me to see the stuff at the bottom without pulling everything out, and had bigger bottle pockets to fit large sippies! So, you’re in luck:) I searched amazon for you and found what I can only imagine is the perfect diaper bag! You’re welcome:) 

3. Squooshi Filling Station & Reusable Pouches

If you plan on making your own baby food… and honestly even if you don’t and you just like to know whats going into your toddlers body and save some cash, this is a must. I still use it almost weekly to fill pouches of applesauce or yogurt! So much cheaper than buying the pouches from the store! I also love that I know they are fresh and theres no chance of mold!

I did some research on several filling stations and decided I loved the simplicity of this unit. It’s incredibly easy to use and even easier to clean!

**Keep an eye out for a whole DIY baby food post coming soon!

4. Sound Machine & Projector

We seriously have a deep love and appreciation for our sound machine. When Everest was just a few months old he began sleeping through the night. We were sure we had hit the jackpot, we were those lucky parents…

Then the universe laughed and he hit the 6 month mark, wide awake, and never looked back.

We tried all sorts of recommended tricks, and the only thing that gave our tired souls any relief, was our sound machine and projector. Maybe you’re one of those lucky parents who has a child that just sleeps, and in that case, I salute you. But maybe you’re one of the extra lucky ones, with a child that needs no sleep at all, this is for you. 

This one can even be controlled from your phone!

5. Graco 4ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Now, this may seem like a silly thing to put on this list… Like, duh Malorey, obviously my toddler is in a carseat. But I couldn’t help but think back to my premom self, super pregnant and super terrified. Literally reading Amazon reviews until I was going cross-eyed. There are SO MANY to choose from, it can be overwhelming! 

So, since we have been nothing but pleased with our all in one car seat since putting Everest in it around 6 months, I decided to share:) I LOVE that it grows so well with your kid. From rear facing little babe, to forward facing giant toddler, to highback booster kid, all the way to a regular booster seat. Genius. 

Hopefully something on this list gives you a little peace. A small break from reading and rereading reviews, trying to figure out whats best for your growing baby! These things are used, and loved, and I promise, you’ll get your moneys worth:)


The Beautifully Mediocre Mama

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